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Refereed Publications

Zablah, Alex R., Nancy J. Sirianni, Daniel Korschun, Dwayne D. Gremler, and Sharon E. Beatty (2017), “Emotional Convergence in Service Relationships: The Shared Frontline Experience of Customers and Employees,” Journal of Service Research Special Issue: “Organizational Frontlines,” 70 (1), 76-90. Click here to download PDF

Hill, Krista M., Paul W. Fombelle, and Nancy J. Sirianni (2016), “Shopping Under the Influence of Curiosity: How Retailers Use Mystery to Drive Purchase Motivation,” Journal of Business Research Special Section: “Retail Marketing and Shopping: Theory, Methods, and Practice,” 69 (3), 1028-34Click here to download PDF

* Best Paper Award – Consumer Behavior Track, 2013 AMA Summer Educator’s Conference

Fombelle, Paul W., Nancy J. Sirianni, Noah J. Goldstein, and Robert B. Cialdini (2015), “Let Them All Eat Cake: Providing VIP Services Without the Cost of Exclusion for Non-VIP Customers,” Journal of Business Research, 68 (9), 1987-96. Click here to download PDF

Giebelhausen, Michael, Stacey G. Robinson, Nancy J. Sirianni, and Michael K. Brady (2014), “Touch vs. Tech: Demonstrating When Technology Functions as a Barrier and Benefit to Service Exchanges,” Journal of Marketing, 78 (4), 113-24. Click here to download PDF

* Finalist, AMA SERVSIG Best Services Article of the Year for 2014

* Finalist, Ronald Copeland Best Paper Award

Sirianni, Nancy J., Mary Jo Bitner, Stephen W. Brown, and Naomi Mandel (2013), “Branded Service Encounters: Strategically Aligning Employee Behavior with the Brand Positioning,” Journal of Marketing, 77 (6), 108-123. Click here to download PDF

* Finalist, AMA SERVSIG Best Services Article of the Year for 2013

* Honorable Mention, Fisher IMS & AMA SERVSIG Dissertation Proposal Competition

* First Place, Levy-Weitz & AMA Retailing SIG Dissertation Proposal Competition

Lastovicka, John L., and Nancy J. Sirianni (2011), “Truly, Madly, Deeply: Consumers in the Throes of Material Possession Love,” Journal of Consumer Research, 38 (2), 323-342.  Click here to download PDF

Invited Publications

Gustafsson, Anders, Lerzan Aksoy, Michael K. Brady, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, Nancy J. Sirianni, Lars Wittel, and Nancy V. Wünderlich (2015), “Conducting Service Research That Matters,” Journal of Services Marketing Special Issue: “Fresh Thinking in Services Marketing,” 29 (6/7), 425-29. Click here to download PDF

Bolton, Ruth N., Anders Gustafsson, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, Nancy J. Sirianni, and David K. Tse (2014), “Small Details that Make Big Differences: a Radical Approach to Consumption Experience as a Firm’s Differentiating Strategy,” Journal of Service Management Special Issue: “Marketing as the Organization’s Core Strategy,” 25 (2), 253-274. Click here to download PDF

* Journal of Service Management Highly Commended Award

* Web of Science Highly Cited Paper Designation

Book Chapter

Lastovicka, John L., and Nancy J. Sirianni (2013), “Beloved Material Possessions: Ends or Means?” in Routledge Companion to Identity and Consumption, Russell Belk and Ayalla Ruvio, editors. New York: Routledge, pp. 52-62. Click here to download PDF

Practitioner-Focused Publications

Giebelhausen, Michael, Evelyn Chan, and Nancy J. Sirianni (2016), “Fitting Restaurant Service Style to Brand Image for Greater Customer Satisfaction,” Cornell Hospitality Report, 16 (9), 3-10. Click here to download PDF

Bettencourt, Lance A., Stephen W. Brown, and Nancy J. Sirianni (2013), “The Secret to True Service Innovation,” Business Horizons, 56 (1), 13-22. Click here to download PDF

Jackson, Donald W., and Nancy J. Sirianni (2009), “Building the Bottom Line by Developing the Frontline: Career Development for Service Employees.” Business Horizons, 52 (3), 279-87. Click here to download PDF