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Refereed Publications

Ringler, Christine, Nancy J. Sirianni, Joann Peck, and Anders Gustafsson (forthcoming), “Does Your Demonstration Tell the Whole Story? How a Process Mindset and Social Presence Impact the Effectiveness of Product Demonstrations,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Click here to download PDF

Christenson, Brett, Christine Ringler, and Nancy J. Sirianni (forthcoming), “Speaking Fast and Slow: How Speech Rate of Digital Assistants Affects Likelihood to Use,” Journal of Business Research. Click here to download PDF

Ringler, Christine, Nancy J. Sirianni, and Brett Christenson (2021), “The Power of Consequential Product Sounds,” Journal of Retailing, 97 (2), 288-300. Click here to download PDF

Ringler, Christine, Nancy J. Sirianni, Anders Gustafsson, and Joann Peck (2019), “Look but Don’t Touch! The Impact of Active Interpersonal Haptic Blocking on Compensatory Touch and Purchase Behavior,” Journal of Retailing Special Issue: “Sensory Aspects of Retailing,” 95 (4), 186-203. Click here to download PDF

Magnusson, Peter, Stanford A. Westjohn, and Nancy J. Sirianni (2019), “Beyond Country Image Favorability: How Brand Positioning via Country Personality Stereotypes Enhances Brand Evaluations,” Journal of International Business Studies, 50 (3), 318-38. Click here to download PDF

Otterbring, Tobias, Christine Ringler, Nancy J. Sirianni, and Anders Gustafsson (2018), “The Abercrombie & Fitch Effect: The Impact of Physical Dominance on Male Customers’ Status-Signaling Consumption,” Journal of Marketing Research, 55 (1), 69-79. Click here to download PDF

*Top Ten Paper, 2015 European Marketing Academy Conference 

*Supported by a grant from the Swedish Knowledge Foundation

Hill, Krista M., Paul W. Fombelle, and Nancy J. Sirianni (2016), “Shopping Under the Influence of Curiosity: How Retailers Use Mystery to Drive Purchase Motivation,” Journal of Business Research Special Section: “Retail Marketing and Shopping: Theory, Methods, and Practice,” 69 (3), 1028-34Click here to download PDF

*Best Paper Award – Consumer Behavior & Psychology Track, 2013 AMA Summer Educator’s Conference

Fombelle, Paul W., Nancy J. Sirianni, Noah J. Goldstein, and Robert B. Cialdini (2015), “Let Them All Eat Cake: Providing VIP Services Without the Cost of Exclusion for Non-VIP Customers,” Journal of Business Research, 68 (9), 1987-96. Click here to download PDF

Giebelhausen, Michael, Stacey G. Robinson, Nancy J. Sirianni, and Michael K. Brady (2014), “Touch vs. Tech: Demonstrating When Technology Functions as a Barrier and Benefit to Service Exchanges,” Journal of Marketing, 78 (4), 113-24. Click here to download PDF

*Finalist, AMA SERVSIG Best Services Article of the Year for 2014

*Finalist, Ronald Copeland Best Paper Award

Sirianni, Nancy J., Mary Jo Bitner, Stephen W. Brown, and Naomi Mandel (2013), “Branded Service Encounters: Strategically Aligning Employee Behavior with the Brand Positioning,” Journal of Marketing, 77 (6), 108-123. Click here to download PDF

*Finalist, AMA SERVSIG Best Services Article of the Year for 2013

*Honorable Mention, Fisher IMS & AMA SERVSIG Dissertation Proposal Competition

*First Place, Levy-Weitz & AMA Retailing SIG Dissertation Proposal Competition

Lastovicka, John L., and Nancy J. Sirianni (2011), “Truly, Madly, Deeply: Consumers in the Throes of Material Possession Love,” Journal of Consumer Research, 38 (2), 323-342.  Click here to download PDF

Invited Publications

Zablah, Alex R., Nancy J. Sirianni, Daniel Korschun, Dwayne D. Gremler, and Sharon E. Beatty (2017), “Emotional Convergence in Service Relationships: The Shared Frontline Experience of Customers and Employees,” Journal of Service Research Special Issue: “Organizational Frontlines,” 70 (1), 76-90. Click here to download PDF

*Included in JSR’s Customer Experience Collection 

Larivière, Bart, David Bowen, Tor W. Andreassen, Werner Kunz, Nancy J. Sirianni, Chris Voss, Nancy V. Wünderlich, and Arne De Keyser (2017), “Service Encounter 2.0: An Investigation into the Roles of Technology, Employees and Customers,” Journal of Business Research, 79 (October), 238-46. Click here to download PDF

Gustafsson, Anders, Lerzan Aksoy, Michael K. Brady, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, Nancy J. Sirianni, Lars Wittel, and Nancy V. Wünderlich (2015), “Conducting Service Research That Matters,” Journal of Services Marketing Special Issue: “Fresh Thinking in Services Marketing,” 29 (6/7), 425-29. Click here to download PDF

Bolton, Ruth N., Anders Gustafsson, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, Nancy J. Sirianni, and David K. Tse (2014), “Small Details that Make Big Differences: a Radical Approach to Consumption Experience as a Firm’s Differentiating Strategy,” Journal of Service Management Special Issue: “Marketing as the Organization’s Core Strategy,” 25 (2), 253-274. Click here to download PDF

*Highly commended for the Journal of Service Management 2014 Robert Johnston Award

*Web of Science Highly Cited Paper Designation

Book Chapter

Lastovicka, John L., and Nancy J. Sirianni (2013), “Beloved Material Possessions: Ends or Means?” in Routledge Companion to Identity and Consumption, Russell Belk and Ayalla Ruvio, editors. New York: Routledge, pp. 52-62. Click here to download PDF

Practitioner-Focused Publications

Giebelhausen, Michael, Evelyn Chan, and Nancy J. Sirianni (2016), “Fitting Restaurant Service Style to Brand Image for Greater Customer Satisfaction,” Cornell Hospitality Report, 16 (9), 3-10. Click here to download PDF

Bettencourt, Lance A., Stephen W. Brown, and Nancy J. Sirianni (2013), “The Secret to True Service Innovation,” Business Horizons56 (1), 13-22. Click here to download PDF

Jackson, Donald W., and Nancy J. Sirianni (2009), “Building the Bottom Line by Developing the Frontline: Career Development for Service Employees.” Business Horizons, 52 (3), 279-87. Click here to download PDF